Things You Didn’t Know About Amsterdam!
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Going to Amsterdam is always a great idea. There’s plenty to do and plenty of tourist attractions and activities that you and your friends can enjoy. Many people from neighboring countries visit Amsterdam just to sample the great food, go on an Amsterdam stag do or just go sight-seeing and bar hopping. If you are planning on visiting Amsterdam or going with friends for a weekend of Compare Airport Hotels, there are some things you probably didn’t know about Amsterdam. Read on and find out what they are.

  1. The cyclists around Amsterdam have this thinking that they always have the right of way. Steer clear of bike paths if you are walking lest you get run over by aggressive bike riders.
  2. Amsterdam is a windy city. Hang on to any belongings that might get blown away like hats, scarves, maps, papers and money.
  3. People in Amsterdam speak English. In fact they speak fluent English so you won’t have a problem if you need to ask for directions.
  4. You are not allowed to smoke tobacco in coffee shops. Yes, they legalized cannabis and you can use them in public but not tobacco apparently.
  5. You shouldn’t take pictures of the girls behind the windows of the Red Light District. There are bouncers and even the ladies will react by throwing water over you and your camera and even throwing you over the canal if you take their picture.
  6. People who live in Amsterdam don’t smoke marijuana as much as you think. Because it is so easy to procure, the novelty of smoking it is no longer exciting to them.

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